The Curious Case of Mr. Bhim Thapa

Is he a genius or just crazy old fool? This documentary centers on a man, myth and his legacy. My upcoming documentary works both as a biopic and as a timelessly relevant piece of social commentary.

He has dedicated his life on the idea that people needed to be awaken to bring changes in their lives. He held this idea for a lifetime, painting & inscribing word “khaja” on the pavement, walls, and stone all over Nepal. Now, 96, old and fragile, he is still traveling and writing.

Music by: Kevin MacLeod |

Valley Of Music

Nepal is a land of musical wonders. Nepalese musical instrument has a very strong relationship with Nepalese culture and religion. The relationship of such instruments and the culture and religion go back more than 2 thouBorn and raised in Nepal, these two musicians have witnessed and experience the effect and influence the dominant western world has played on culture and their members. They believe that the preservation of these music and musical instruments plays an important role not only in the survival of ancient culture but it teaches values, beliefs and understanding of a person's origin. They have been created with a lot of effort by our ancestors and have survived to this era with great difficulty; its loss would create an intellectual calamity to ancient knowledge and would soon lead to the extinction of an entire culture.

sand years. The musical traditions of Nepal are as diverse as the various ethnic groups of the country. Hence, such tradition and historical musical instruments and music have lot more tunes and rhythms of its own to share with the rest of the world.

The Future Without Plastic

A short award winning documentary about the impact of plastic use in Nepal. The film provides a revealing look into the state of pollution in Nepal and  asserts that change must take place so to guarantee a positive future for the country and the world. This documentary was shown at United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) which took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in June 2012.